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What is a Standard?

04 May 2021

In ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004, standardization is defined as an activity of establishing, with regard to actual or potential problems, provisions for common and repeated use, aimed at the achievement of the optimum...

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D6.1 Standardization Plan is out!

21 Apr 2021

Deliverable D6.1 elaborates and implements a Standardization Plan, based on the relevant standards (existing or under development), and provides the other Workpackages input for further exploitation. This will ensure that project results...

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ASHVIN and Ethics

12 Apr 2021

As an EU funded research project ASHVIN will give ethical considerations the highest priority and ensure that all activities carried out under the project comply with ethical principles and relevant national, EU...

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ASHVIN’s Communication Material is available!

08 Apr 2021

Communication and Dissemination are vital elements of any successful H2020 funded project. ASHVIN has made a strong start by setting up a concrete and well defined strategy while launching its LinkedIn and Twitter communities, to reach a wider...

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ASHVIN and StandICT.eu2023 have signed a Memorandum of Understanding!

22 Mar 2021

ASHVIN and StandICT.eu2023 have singed an MoU for joining forces and aligning efforts for boosting open standardisation for Digital Twins at a European scale. This collaboration is an excellent chance to enable ASHVIN technical...

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ASHVIN IoT Platform is up and running (D1.1)!

23 Feb 2021

ASHVIN team has released the 1st version of its IoT platform, which will serve as the backbone of key project activities. ASHVIN IoT platform (AIP) is a modern, scalable and secure IoT...

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Mainflux, an IoT lingua franca to serve as a backbone of ASHVIN platform!

09 Feb 2021

In the context of the ASHVIN project, we want to establish means to collect data generated during the process of building design, production and maintenance. To do this, we need an all-encompassing...

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Webinar: The Virtual Space!

01 Feb 2021

Within the frame of the European Project “ASHVIN – Assistants for Healthy, Safe, and Productive Virtual Construction Design, Operation & Maintenance using a Digital Twin”, one of the toolkits that will be embedded...

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ASHVIN’s 1st GA Meeting for 2021!

19 Jan 2021
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